Oomph it up with Patterned Tiles

Oomph it up with Patterned Tiles


When renovating your home you may be overwhelmed with the myriad of options available on the market, you may like many of them but they don’t seem to work together or you may be confused, about which one is best for your home.
There is a slew of reasons behind selecting a material, the client’s style, the use of the space,  the home’s architecture or location, the budget, and the application…I can go on about them.

Patterned tiles are a hot trend, and if you are hesitant to use them as it’s out of your comfort zone, here are some ways you can confidently delve into the pattern world, as it’s here to stay!




Creating a great first impression can be easy when you’re remodelling the main floor. Make an impression with a classic pattern that adds a lasting sophistication 

TIP: Patterned tiles work great in high-traffic areas because the pattern masks dust and dirt.



I love textured wallpaper in a bedroom. it creates a calming and luxurious feel at the same time. Using texture consciously in design can create movement in a room as the eye is drawn to specific areas and aspects, without feeling intrusive or taking up physical space.
Hence textures can be timeless drawing your attention to an aspect of the space. 

Tip: Remember natural textured wallpapers are not suitable for bathrooms due to humid conditions.


Basements can be dingy and boring, we jazzed up this basement just enough for our clients to enjoy the foyer that connects the entertainment wing with the guest suite. 

Tip: When calculating pattern tiles think about additional wastage to continue or match the pattern



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