Pick the Perfect Wallpaper

Pick the "Perfect" Wallpaper for Your Space
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How to Select the Perfect Wallpaper


It’s time we give wallpaper a second chance.
Every time we present a wallpaper option to our clients, they automatically think of the 70s wallpapers and CRINGE!!

When we work with our clients, we go through a lot of materials to pick the right one. Our decision is based on our client’s needs first, then their aesthetics, their property and their lifestyle.

For this reason, we encourage our clients to tell us all what they like and don’t like. 

We present our ideas based on the current trends because we want the completed space to last for years to come so they can experience the joy it brings them.




Patterns are a great way to add some pizzazz to any space and give it a personality. However, be mindful that it has to be a pattern you won’t get tired of, as it helps scale the space.

For example, in an entryway, the pattern can be welcoming, and playful while a bedroom should be calming.

TIP: When calculating patterned wallpaper consider the wastage for pattern match prior to ordering.



I love textured wallpaper in a bedroom. it creates a calming and luxurious feel at the same time. Using texture consciously in design can create movement in a room as the eye is drawn to specific areas and aspects, without feeling intrusive or taking up physical space.
Hence textures can be timeless drawing your attention to an aspect of the space. 

Tip: Remember natural textured wallpapers are not suitable for bathrooms due to humid conditions.


This bold wallpaper is made for the extroverts that thrive on patterns that make a statement, not for everyone thought.
its time to be bold and express ourselves in our homes. Pick the ones that speak to you and your family it will make you smile everyday. 
Tip: If you are not ready to commit to a whole rooms of boldness, just do an accent wall.

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