Design your Home with Purpose and Intention

Design your Home with Purpose and Intention

 Welcoming the new year sparks reflection and intention-setting, guiding the trajectory toward aspirations for family memories or personal connections.


Our homes, provide an opportunity for positive transformation as they reflect our inner selves. If your home doesn’t align with your vision or style, strategic action is crucial.


Design your space for where you want to be in life, not just the present.


Specializing in crafting ‘Intentional Spaces,’ I guide clients with ideas aligning with their best interests. Interior design is 75% strategic planning and only 25% aesthetics, debunking the misconception of quick concept creation.


Whether opting for an overhaul or a refresh, a vision for your space involves three key elements, leading to a more purposeful environment.



Articulating challenges is the first step to pinpointing issues. Take cluttered kitchen counters, for example; they signal a misalignment with your workflow. A quick rearrangement can transform the space’s flow for an enhanced experience. Experts pinpoint the underlying issues of your challenges through attentive listening.

TIP: Being conscious to ‘WHY’ your space is stressing you helps eliminate those elements.



Visualizing your space unveils textures and colours that resonate with you. Discovering the emotions that bring true joy and gaining clarity on a space that truly aligns with you sparking excitement and motivation. We can only help if we understand your true joy.

TIP: Compile pictures, create a Pinterest board or have cutouts of what draws your attention.



Creating a ‘Vogue Vault’ for your home design fund adds an emotional touch, prioritizing your intentions for savings and elevating your life through design.
TIP: Shifting your mindset to growing your stash helps you save wherever you can.


Hey… I’m Naveed,

a designer of beautiful interiors & a curator of beautiful things

Designing a home unique to your specific style, influences your mood and your overall wellbeing. Your home becomes a source of inspiration for you and alleviates stress.

Don’t be overwhelmed with your next renovation or decor project, we have it all streamlined.

All you need is one trustworthy person for the success of your project… I’m here to help

If you are looking to to up level your space and don’t know where to start or what’s right for your space.
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