A lifestyle brand, fuelled by the desire to elevate lives and create extraordinary experiences. Melding cultural and family history with authenticity, positively influence your well-being by weaving natural materials and embracing a conscious approach towards the environment. 

T H E  F O U N D E R

Naveed Hyder, also known as Jo, is the founder and creative director of House of 5, a lifestyle brand dedicated to sustainably infusing serenity into spaces. She embodies the spirit of a creative entrepreneur and visual storyteller. An avid collector of unique items, she finds joy in enhancing any space with them and has a knack for uncovering hidden treasures.

Naveed firmly believes that intentionally designed products and services can infuse authenticity, curiosity, and fulfillment into people’s lives. She is deeply passionate about curating exquisite, sustainable, and up-cycled pieces  that she shares enthusiastically with her creative community. Her inspiration is drawn from natural materials, intricate details, authentic narratives and handmade products.

Naveed actively collaborates with local artisans and innovators across various industries, fostering a culture of shared experiences, knowledge, and resources. This approach ensures her community enjoys the most genuine and meaningful experiences.