Mix Old and New Holiday Table Inspiration

Mix Old New Holiday Table Inspiration
Mix old and new
2021 just flew by, and now is the holidays are around the corner… again!

 Every year, we pull out all our usual pieces and wonder how to make it a little difference to keep it fresh. Which brings the other dilemma – how do you keep it fresh without piling on more items?

Adding a few vintage finds from thrift or consignment stores is the perfect way to keep things unique, fresh and memorable, without adding too much to the clutter.

Here are some steps to pull it all together..


Taking inventory of what you have before going out to shop is the key to intentional decor. As busy professionals and parents, we are the queens/kings of multitasking, and holidays are no different. In fact, oftentimes it kicks it into high gear!

Before taking items out of bins just skim through them to see what brings you joy, Marie Kondo style.  Let the kids help you to take the items to the thrift store or a shelter for them to experience the thrill of giving.

Make a ‘GIVE’ pile and have the family go through it. Do them all in one go or bit by bit, whatever works with your schedule. This clears your space and chances are, many others are looking for some great pieces to freshen up their decor, too.

** Quick Tip: Don’t give away all the good stuff as the kids will not forgive you if you for giving away their favourites. (Talking from experience!).



Surround yourself with things you love or those with a sentimental attachment, a favourite from your parents or a purchase from a memorable vacation puts a smile on your face every time you see it. It’s easier to separate what you want to keep and reuse, with items that you haven’t used in a few years.

With the pieces that you want to reuse, think of a common elements and create a colour story with no more than 3 main colours.

** Quick Tip:  Items don’t have to match entirely in the colour story, but think of contrasts and accents. Look at the colour wheel!



Shopping for holidays can be overwhelming but can be fun if planned out well. Whether you are creating a new collection or adding to your existing dinner plates to give the table decor an oomph,  the key is to do your design research prior to stepping out. Surf the web for inspiration images of what colours or mood you like. Check out the antique or consignment stores in your areas and pick the dinnerware that you’re drawn to. Document the measurements, quantities, types or colours available.

Store all these details in your notes on your phone for easy access and it will cut your shopping time in half. And don’t forget to ask a friend to accompany you to bounce off ideas so you’re sure of your purchase.

** Quick Tip:  Most antique dealers or consignment stores have ‘no return or exchange’ policy so be sure before you buy.



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