5 Designer Tricks for Refreshing YOUR Home

5 Designer Tricks for Refreshing YOUR Home
Tricks to refreshing your home

A well-designed home can make you feel better both in body and mind. Your home is basically an extension of yourself, so when it’s looking and feeling good, so will YOU. Remember the feeling of dressing up in an expensive dress for a special occasion, it’s the same feeling of a living in a well designed home.

If you’re pushed for time and super busy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a positive difference. Here are five simple tricks to make your home look better in 10 minutes.



First trick to refresh your home is not by adding items but by removing them… yes REMOVE a few things. Even if you’re not a minimalist, reducing some items creates that negative space for others furniture pieces to shine.

You could either remove an item or two from the coffee table or an extra chair or even reducing the number of cushions. The trick is to look around the room, see what you’re not loving anymore take it out of the space into another room. You’ll be surprised that you won’t miss it.



Adding plants is again a simple way of adding an item that also has positive benefits in the space. If you are a busy A type person and don’t want another thing to worry about watering the plants too. Get easy to maintain plants like succulents and use watering bulbs…they are made for people like us. Add it in your calendar for a Sunday morning chore, it will take you 10 minutes or less.



Many a times I have seen dark corners even in a well-designed space. Dark corners look heavy and pull the space down. You can have too many lamps in a space but there are alternate ways of lighting a room. The use of LED lights makes it easier for us to have multiple lighting sources without worrying about power outlets and space. Create an uplighting effect to give a dramatic wash on the wall by using a low wattage bulb hidden in a corner. Or even a jar full of battery (or solar-powered) fairy lights.



This may seem like jargon but it is a simple trick I use all the time. One way of creating balance in Feng Shui is by having all 5 elements represented in a space. If you are a tactile or Kinesthetic persona like me you may be sensitive to textures too. See how many textures you have in the room and add a contrasting texture. If everything is smooth add texture and everything is textured add a smooth silk cushion that breaks the monotony. 



Mirrors are the most magical accessory in the décor world. One item that adds multiple dimensions to a space. It makes the space look larger so it’s great for smaller spaces, it makes the space brighter if placed near a window. The frame can bring in a bold colour of your choice Take an old mirror and paint the frame in a bold colour that compliments your décor, without worrying about over doing it.


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