Is Open Floor Plan Right for You

Is Open Plan Right for You?
Open plan right for you

 When planning a remodelling project most homeowners get on the bandwagon of an open floor plan…however I have my reservations.


Because one size does not fit all.

I’m not against the idea of an open concept home but it depends on may variables…actually you will have more clarity towards the end of this article.

Creating an open concept by knocking down the walls is a huge undertaking, it requires a commitment to managing a family during the renovation, let alone the stress of managing contractors, the deliveries and a million design decisions. It also requires clear understanding of what it’s like to live in an open floor plan.



The magazine images of spotless open floor plans are very enticing to incorporate into your home. Before committing to this layout, however, it is crucial to consider whether an abundance of visible, common spaces is functional for you and your family.

Open floor plans look effective when a sleek, minimalist aesthetic is maintained. However, the layout can quickly lose its charm when used for everyday practicalities. Does your family need smaller, more contained spaces,  will the open floor plan resemble a clutter of toys and papers. Trust me that open plans are high maintenance and if you have a bunch that is messy its going to drive you crazy.

Are you willing to, and do you have the time to commit to keeping it tidy, 24/7.

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When opting for an open plan what most people forget is that an open concept eliminates a lot of wall space for storage. If you’re a collector you may find yourself at a loss of enough storage for your collectibles. Take account of what you own and where it will be stored.

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If you’re anything like me then the sound of TV can bother you when you’re reading a book or just listening to a podcast while others want to watch their favourite show. It is important to factor in your working style and noise tolerance when considering an open plan arrangement. Television, speakers, play-time and the casual conversation that take place in communal living spaces may seem too much if you work from home or need a quiet room in which to meditate.
If so, it might be worthwhile considering a layout that has separate rooms dedicated to specific purposes which can be opened up when needed. 

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