How Interior Design Maximizes ROI

How Interior Design Maximizes ROI
Maximize tyoour ROI

I’m passionate about about helping real estate investors get the best value from their properties with my knowledge and expertise.,

After attending the FIRE (Females In Real Estate) Conference last week, I’m all fired up (haha!) and ready to show you how!

A space is just four walls but it’s the interior design that makes it into a home, a hotel or a cottage by giving it personality. The finishes, fixtures and layouts turn it into a space that clients can relax, enjoy or be inspired in. There are 5 ways a real estate investor can benefit from our services.



Use the right materials for the functionality of the space. When upgrading your RE investment keep in mind to find the right finishes for its use. Make sure materials are durable and easy to clean, and mix a few complimentary materials to break the monotony and add to the character of the space.



Whether it’s a rental, a hotel, or really any kind of property, there is always a competitor out there. Set your property up for success by creating an experience that is out of the ordinary and memorable. For example, choosing unique details over generic ones doesn’t have to be more costly. if you use what’s affordable in unique ways or combining different seemingly ordinary elements in fun ways.



Know your target market and their taste, and offer them something they will love immediately and won’t forget. Infuse the feelings the potential client is looking for with a tactile approach, the right textures and finishes can significantly impact the overall feeling of the space. Spend your money wisely by only making meaningful upgrades, if on a tight budget it’s better to make major changes to few areas, but do them with utmost care and attention.



Some investors look at the value of a property in per-square-foot cost. However, taking into account the intended function of the space, creative space planning can maximize any layout. Don’t dismiss all the rules, but feel free to question conventional norms of how a space is laid out, and when in doubt, less is more.. 



Like any investment first think of the exit strategy. Think long term – will the quality of upgrades significantly improve the value of the property, is the design trendy or will it last? In the event you have to sell you don’t want it sitting on the market so don’t just think of a cheaper renovation now, but be sure to add changes that will make the property desirable for another buyer at any time in the future.

Upgrades add value and the right upgrades add more value for less money, we know what needs to be done, and exactly how to get there. 

These tips are the starting point, if you have any more questions, feel free to email us.


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designing a home unique to your specific style, influences your mood and your overall wellbeing. Your home becomes a source of inspiration for you and alleviates stress.

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