Simple Steps to an Inspiring Home Office

Simple Steps to an Inspiring Home Office
Home office

To get your creative juices flowing Check out the the Mood Boards.

Take what resonates with you in terms of colour & style.

Now that a lot of us have been asked to work from home… let’s look at the bright side – your commute is probably reduced to 5 mins, leaving you with a lot of spare time.

All you might need is to spruce it up so it inspires you every day.

For it’s your first time working from home or you already have a home office set up. Regardless, taking this time to review your existing set up is just as valuable. All you might need is to spruce it up so it inspires you every day.

If you don’t already have a home office or if you and your spouse are both working from home then you need to assess your specific needs… what if one likes to listen to music and the other doesn’t? It’s up to you to decide whether the solution is headphones or different spaces, considering how well all the other elements jive.

Perfect for A prissy individual
A Sophisticated Home Office - Mood Board


Depending on the kind of work, your work-at-home needs could be met on the kitchen counter, the formal dining area or could be tucked in a corner in the guest room. Be sure to “test drive” your desk and chair, you’re going to aim for comfortable but not too cozy, some trial typing will help to see how it all feels. Say you’ve got your hands on a suitable table and upright chair and not sure where to locate your temporary office, try setting up in your reading nook, while originally designed for a relaxing read, simply placing a desk by your beautiful bookshelves immediately makes it an inspiring work space.

A small home office can be fun with a colourful palette
A small home office can be fun with a colourful palette

TIP # 1 – Revamping old furniture such as family heirlooms not only makes your space one of a kind, your wallet catches a break and it also saves good quality furniture out of landfills.



Once your location has been determined, and you are starting your set up, remove all unnecessary items from that space. 

Having a clutter-free work area is essential, even if it means temporarily re-homing some things. Take note of what the functions of your office normally are, and be sure to set up your desk accordingly. Make sure to have a clock (preferably a nice one) somewhere on or near your desk. With this new routine, time feels like it passes at a different rate, it’s very helpful to have a visible clock to keep you on task.

Moody home office is cozy yet stylish


Next, I’ve put together some mood boards to get your creative juices flowing – see what resonates with you in terms of colour and style. Good Interior design is what touches the client’s heart, has value behind your personal style in your home and surrounding yourself with beauty in a way that is meaningful and makes you happy. Research to see what really inspires you and try making your own mood board.


Hey… I’m Naveed,

a designer of beautiful interiors & a curator of beautiful things

designing a home unique to your specific style, influences your mood and your overall wellbeing. Your home becomes a source of inspiration for you and alleviates stress.

Don’t be overwhelmed with your next renovation or decor project, we have it all streamlined.

All you need is one trustworthy person for the success of your project… I’m here to help!

Your home office to reflect your casual yet professional style
Fun & Casual yet Professional Home Office

TIP # 2 – In these trying times remember to support the local businesses as much as possible. Some local business can’t compete with big companies so their online presence is not that visible. Go to Instagram and search for local business and you’ll be surprised at what you can find locally.

And finally, don’t forget the advantages of working from home – use your favourite items and get something soft under your feet – your toes can finally be cozy , or have throw at hand for the chilly days while you work diligently! 

If you’re still having trouble envisioning your ideal home office, feel free to book a free 15 minute phone conversation with me, let’s see what we can come up with!

Drop us a line to let us know which one inspires you.


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