Cottage Style

The heat of summer is on and everyone is at their cottages!

I guess we brave the cold all winter in exchange for these gorgeous summer days – relaxing outdoors, taking hikes or even just gazing at the lake.

We detach from our everyday stresses as soon as we reach the cottage – it just feels different! Well, it should feel different. The idea is to take a break and do things we don’t normally do, and this goes for the decor as well. 

Have fun decorating your cottage and create a perfect place to hang out and relax.

Things from all over have ended up here… 

…that’s just the nature of having a summer home, and even though it can be mismatched somehow it sort of works. All you really need is a few elements to help create harmony and establish some interesting nooks. All this can be made easy with a few affordable, low maintenance objects that blend in with the quirkiness of cottage decors. 












To really enjoy getting away make your cottage laid back yet playful

…think of it as a contrast to your city home. If you feel like painting a wall in an accent colour – go for it! Just make sure it complements the existing furniture. For example, if most furniture is neutral then a bright wall will definitely make things pop in the right way.


Turn that odd, empty corner into a cosy reading nook…

…bring the outdoors in with a raw wood side table, a lamp made of twigs (buy here), and even a wicker chair. Add some brightly coloured cushions for comfort as well as colour, and now you have the perfect spot to relax and take a moment just for yourself. 


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