Let the fun times begin!

We all look forward to the holidays so we can spend quality time with the family, cooking, eating or just doing nothing. I take this time to give my family that warm and fuzzy feeling by refreshing my home. Setting the mood is easy, candles, some nice music, the lights and of course cooking the food they love.

There are many elements that set the mood in a space, similar to when we create interiors for our clients. Designing interiors requires a lot of research about you, our clients, your personal style, lifestyle needs. We ensure that the space is crafted for your individual personalities so you will live or work in the space with ease. This way we can guarantee that you not just like the aesthetics of your new space but feel the beauty at a sensual level.

Good design is the perfect balance between form and function. There’s no right or wrong, it’s just different perspectives. If I see a glimpse of ‘Flip or Flop Vegas’ I cringe at the gaudy, superficial, run of the mill design whereas someone else may be really inspired by it. However, I do get excited about updating older buildings which is not everybody’s cup of tea.

There is research that proves that our built environment impacts our mood and wellbeing. It can inspire and rejuvenate us or affect us negatively. The basis of this research is that the overall flow of a space and the balance of colours and materials is what plays on our senses, regardless of whether we’re aware of it or not. The corporations are changing their office environment for the same reason, following Google as the trendsetter in thriving environments.

If you’ve been dreaming about your perfect space for a while, and want to change the way you feel in your space or you don’t know what is lacking in your’s…let’s make it happen in 2019, you’ll be thankful for the experience.

Happy Holidays and a Magical New Year!

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