5 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Designer tips for styling your coffee table makes it easy for anyone who’s willing to play around with the items. A coffee table is the focus of a living room at all times and from all perspectives. Many wonder how to style a coffee table like a designer. The key objectives are to decorate it in a way that it anchors the room, shows your personal style and is interesting for your guests to look at for a few hours.

Most importantly, redecorating a coffee table instantly changes the mood of the living room. Whether you’re refreshing the coffee table seasonally or whenever you feel like it. I like to change things around so my friends notice it and compliment.

Here are 5 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table:

Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table Tip #1 . Mix It Up

Using a variety of sizes and shapes of the object makes them stand out. A stack of rectangular books with a round plate will make it more interesting. Displaying only large items can look blah and bulky, combine items of varying scale and heights.

Glass-enclosed candles are my favourite to add to the mix, however, make sure they are not too tall and obstruct the conversation across the room.

Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table Tip #2 . One-of-a-find

Look for a sculpture or a flea market find which is perfect for a coffee table display. I always receive compliments for a $5 filigree plate I got from a garage sale, these objects start interesting conversations.

Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table Tip #3 . Small Scale Collection

If you have a small-scale collection of thimbles or mini trinket boxes or anything else that catches your fancy… show it off, group them in a glass display box that keeps your prized collection shine while protected from dust. Make sure to set it up like an art display.

Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table Tip #4 . Negative Space

I have an art background, I use the principles of art throughout my design process. One principle that I use all the time is having negative space, brings focus to the right objects. When setting a coffee table, consider the 60-40 rule. Max 60% filled with objects and 40% for negative space, depending on the style of the table. This empty space is useful when entertaining for serving munchies or the much-desired dips.

Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table Tip #5 . Plants

The best plants for the coffee table are succulents, these hardy plants are drought tolerant, require little care and don’t grow tall.

Spikey cacti are a big NO at the coffee table…you don’t want your guests to hurt themselves. Echeverias, from the succulent family, are thick, semi-glossy rosettes that look like a piece of jewellery. If you have pets and children make sure the plants you’re picking are not toxic.

Try these tips and make your coffee table interesting and personalized to your style, do it for yourself and see what makes you happy. If you still have questions contact us for more info.


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