If you love cooking and entertaining, like me...you'll love the current trends.

I’ve enjoyed creating kitchens for those avid chefs who are involved in every detail of the function of their kitchen and I add the 'icing on the cake' with my creative aesthetics. As a result, they enjoy their kitchen, cooking for family and friends for years to come.

A timeless kitchen with fab trends becomes the envy of everyone who walks into your space.

Get inspired, if you're thinking of renovating your kitchen it’s a good idea to take a note of some trends that are hot right now and will remain so for years to come.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #1 . Mix and Match Cabinets

Giving the kitchen a personal touch is easy by mixing up the cabinets colours.

A good idea is to do the lower cabinets in darker colour and uppers in a lighter. Darker lover cabinets tend to disappear and are easy to maintain, hide spills and scuffs easily while off-white uppers add a freshness that is eye-catching. This gives a more upscale look of a designer custom kitchen.

  1. The two colour pairings I love are grey lower cabinets and antique white uppers.
  2. Light natural birch with white for a fresh Scandinavian look
  3. Just make the pantry in a contrast colour to create a focal point and break the monotony.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #2 . Gold Hardware

Gold is here with a vengeance... but wait its not the shining cheapy brass that we're throwing out of our homes. It's a subtle, sophisticated, muted gold that is like butterscotch melting in your mouth.

Adding gold or copper handles is a huge trend and adds a little oomph to a neutral kitchen. if handles are too much for you add gold add light fixtures... there are tons available in the market.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #3 . Trendy Tiles

Tiles are very trendy these days, patterns are available in many colours and styles. If you are not that bold to try patterns then go with the interesting shaped tiles like hexagon or chevron. Use contrasting grout to accentuate the shape, gold grout is also a hot favourite although not everyone carries it but I have been able to soruce it locally.

Its a good idea to play with ideas and colours till you find the perfect one that YOU love.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #4 . Island

The peninsulas are being replaced with large islands that the family can gather around for their meals, conversations or work from home days. Because it opens up the kitchen while remaining functional. Although expensive, they have many advantages.

  1. Eliminate the need for a breakfast table.
  2. Add much needed extra storage in the kitchen, besides a large counter for mega cooking events.
  3. Waterfall countertop is created by adding the stone countertop on one side of the island as well as the top.  The grandeur doesn't go unnoticed, it makes it easy to clean...just ensure that it's done properly and the seams are clean.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #5 . Drawers a Must-Have

The cabinet doors have been replaced with drawers, they may be more expensive but make everything accessible and stays organized. Most importantly, its especially useful for the elderly, I noticed that last year when my mum was visiting she could easily access the pots and the plates without extra effort. Choose drawers wherever possible and it'll change the way you cook.

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #6 . Add a Pantry

A pantry consolidates all cooking and baking items in one place so you're not going around the kitchen looking for your ingredients. Again drawers are handy in a pantry so you can reach the things in the back. if you have to eliminate some of the counter space to do that...remember that you're adding an island. I have my snack drawer as part of the pantry and for some reason, each member of my family has been caught there... Hmmm, I wonder why?

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You'll LOVE . Trend #7 . Coloured Appliances

I have seen my clients jump when I talk about these trends however they do get excited once they see the fabulous options. If you think this is not for you just use one appliance like a kettle just to break the monotony of your kitchen. I can guarantee it'll put a smile on your face every morning... which is my end goal for you to fall in love with your space. Still have more questions about how I can transform your space, check out the portfolio

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