5 Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

5 Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer
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Have you been dreaming about your home remodelling but don’t know where to start?

A home remodelling is once in a lifetime project and should be treated like one, and is a substantial investment of your hard-earned money. Smart planning of resources, budget and ideas can get you a magazine worthy interior that you can enjoy for the years to come and get your money’s worth.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of remodelling chances are that you have been thinking of working with an interior designer to get clarity on your ideas.  It’s true, your home is going to be a reflection of you, with the right designer on your side, the process can be full of excitement and accomplishment!

You may want to work with a designer who will handle all the stressful decisions and guide you every step of the way. This proves that hiring an interior designer is not as extravagant as it’s made out to be, in fact in many ways it’s the smarter move. You can spend wisely, hire the right team and get all the amazing benefits of great design for the next 15 years or more.

The mood and feelings in a space can be achieved by balancing the colours, textures and scale, which creates a visual harmony. When a space is designed precisely for YOUR needs & personality, it instantly puts you at ease.

Below are some of the ways that interior designers can add value to your remodel while saving money, bringing your personality in your space and adding value to your property.



Time is always valuable, and as we are all getting back to our regular busy schedules a couple extra hours can change your day, even if we use that time to relax and recharge. Often clients call us when they’re stressed, confused and can’t trust anyone. The reason being that the advice of various trades, family or friends for planning the space is not what would work for them.

For one of our recent projects the guest bath needed a personality lift and our bright idea to find a vintage dresser as a vanity was well received by the client. To find this dresser in very specific width, height, colour and drawers was not an easy task. I scoured every consignment store and every online portal to find the dresser converted vanity that not only fits perfectly but also looks unique!

We do the legwork so you get to enjoy the space without investing your time in it, we also know all the good spots to go looking for these things. Check out the full post on Facebook or Instagram.



Working with a variety of individual personalities, budgets and requirements we become experts in creating beautiful spaces within the limitations. We understand the benefit of splurging on some items and saving on others, to create the impact that we envision without compromising the quality.  We cut through the sales jargon and see the items for what they are worth. When looking through unique places like consignment shops, we know exactly what to look for to determine an item worthy.

We become your secret access to knowledge, where you start relying on us for things that don’t exactly fit the job description, like how to soften brown sugar in a jar… and I have the answer for that too, haha



During our Design Discovery Phase, we take the time to get to know you in depth, your lifestyle, your personal preferences, your investment and a whole lot more about you.

We then get cracking to find materials, furniture and finishes that will withstand the wear and tear for the years to come. Each material is evaluated on many levels before it makes it to the final round. Sometimes the materials are rejected although it fits the aesthetic criteria but don’t fit the other criteria …sadly we let it go… till we find the next perfect material. All this trouble so that you save on replacement costs in the years to come.



Our Signature Design Process is like building blocks, tried and tested many times over. We take the time to plan, research and gather the information before embarking on the aesthetics and spending on purchases.  

We have a vision in place and know where we’re heading with it. Space planning a crucial step of the research and design phase is where we determine the scale of the furniture, fixtures and architectural elements. When we are ready to make purchases we’re sure on the size, scale, durability and most importantly the aesthetics of the item. We strongly believe in doing it right the first time, to save you from making costly mistakes, saving you stress, time and money.



So many decisions, measurements, discussions, ideas, options…. We think of everything beforehand and eliminate most of the surprises.

While remodelling a space we evaluate its full potential in great detail, keeping the character of the architecture, the neighbourhood, the evolving family’s needs and of course some design trends. Our spaces are cut-above the rest, as the finishes we select distinguish the property from other mass-produced looks.

Investment in working with a designer pays for itself as it saves you time, gives you a space that is unique to your style that you can enjoy for the years to come. You can benefit from re-imagining your space’s potential by adding elements that will change the way you live. Creative space planning to incorporate your storage needs paired with colours and finishes that calm and inspire you every day for the years to come, is priceless.

We make you fall in love with your space! So, every day when you wake up you are inspired and excited to say hello to your space. That feeling is priceless!

Now, let’s talk about your space! Book your free discovery call today!


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