2021 Interior Design Trends to Embrace

2021 Interior Design Trends to Embrace
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Every year brings new beginnings for us in many ways especially in the Interior Design industry, we get new trends and materials based on our ever evolving lifestyle and new knowledge. In 2021 there is a huge shift in how we live and work hence the interior design trends encapsulate it all well.

These trends depict the new found appreciation of our homes, our families and what truly makes us happy. In a nutshell the focus is on our well-being, the design that is beautiful inside and out, caring for the environment, focussed on comfort and away from a throwaway culture.

Now more than ever this is the time to make your house a home that you can fall in love with and create memories with your loved ones.

The trends this year portray how people have embraced who they are and are willing to show it off in their space, not worrying about what others think. Its uncanny that the trends are exactly what I’ve been advocating for the past decade and I’m excited to be able to design for my clients in 202.


2021 TREND

Woohoo!!! H5 Signature Style is on Trend!!!

Eclectic décor is a collage of different styles and eras where they have something in common so they work together. Those who know me know that I love a mix of things. A mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours create a whimsy in a space and a unique personality not shared by anyone else. Like all of us have a uniqueness to our character and backgrounds, no two individuals are the exactly same, Eclectic style is absolutely that.

Mass produced is out and so is ‘Matchy-Matchy’ – my clients will laugh as they’ve heard me say this over and over again. Eclectic style is curated, it can be light and airy or dark and moody, it can be bold or subtle and most of all it’s as unique as you.


2021 TREND

As we’re spending more time at home with our families, comfort is more important than ever. Although a comfy space can mean many different things to different people, some would think of a recliner in front of a TV and some would think of a chaise in front of a bookshelf. Whatever comfy means to you, can be designed in a way that it looks beautiful so it’s also has a aesthetic advantage.

Furniture is responsible for function in a space, the style and colour scheme define the mood and the accessories create a unique individuality while also bringing daily comfort.  At the start of any project we first determine the mood with inspiration images, then start selecting pieces that fit that mood. Art and handcrafted elements bring in a warmth to the space in a very subtle way, a space without art tends to look unfinished and clinical. 


2021 TREND

Natural materials are being cherished more for their authenticity.  You’ve heard me say before about the benefit of picking natural materials, you know what it’s made of.

The use of synthetic materials requires a bit of homework into what materials are used and what type of toxins are being emitted. read more about eco-conscious living


2021 TREND

Using vintage and pre-loved pieces in the décor creates a contrast that breaks the monotony and feeds the senses. When picking a vintage piece or using one of your own, think of  less-is-more approach for a vibrant, cohesive aesthetic that creates a contrast. Mass-produced furniture is out and hand-me-downs are in. Selecting a pre-loved piece to add to your modern decor, is easy, look for quality and everything else can be changed. Get inspired by my podcast on ‘Designing with Pre-loved Furniture’


2021 TREND

Moody colours add coziness to an already comfortable space, hence with the comfy trend comes moody colours. There’s a lot to be said about colour psychology and how we react to certain colours, earthy colour palettes depict the natural materials as well, dark colours give the sense of a cocoon and help us relax, a perfect choice for a bedroom.
Do make sure to use them wisely and appropriately for the room of choice and remember to pair dark wall colours with lighter accents to create contrast and make the space more memorable.  


It’s a great idea to refresh your home every so often, it keeps the space fresh and keeps you inspired and motivated. These trends are guidelines to the evolving aesthetics in the world of interior design and these can be tailored to what you already own with a garnish of your personality.

Send me a picture of a room and I’ll be delighted to give you a few complimentary tips, email at design@h5interiors.com


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