2019 Paint Colour Trends

2019 Paint Colour Trends – 3 Ready to Use Palettes

Looking at the pastel trends for 2019 reminded me of my first home in pink and apple green. Thinking of it I still feel the excitement I felt when I was decorating my home then.

Hmmm…I’m wondering if I can dig up a picture of my apple green sofa.

Paint is the easiest way to refresh your home. I’ve created these pastel palettes hoping that at least one these trendy colours would work it in your space.

2019 Paint Colour Trends and Palettes – #1 Ready to Use Palettes . Sage

I’ve hand-picked pale green colours that would work as neutrals.

Update your existing pieces with it or buy new. These light hues can be grounded with a dark wall to offset and balance the room. The Amythyst with green is a quite a surprise but works so well that you’re bound to get compliments on that.

2019 Paint Colour Trends and Palettes – #2 Ready to Use Palettes . Peach and Pale Pink

Pink is a calming colour and in the 1920s, some groups had been describing pink as a masculine colour… fast forward 90+ years its a feminine colour. Regardless of whether its masculine or feminine in feng shui it’s gentle and delicate energy. It has a proven to have a soothing effect on one’s behaviour.

You could almost say that, as a Feng Shui colour, pink literally soothes the heart and fills it with love…not to sound cheesy, though.

2019 Paint Colour Trends and Palettes – #3 Ready to Use Palettes . Butter or More

There’s something fresh about the yellow in an interior, It brings in sunshine even on gloomy days. Perfect for a kitchen and breakfast area, it’ll uplift you while you prepare nourishing meals for the family.

Pick the buttery yellow that you like and pair it with the dark accent, I bet you’ll be thrilled with results.

I’d love to hear from you if you try any of these colour palettes. Make sure you hold the palettes in your space to see which one works best with your existing furniture… send me a picture of your space.

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