H5 Virtual Design Services – 3 things you must do BEFORE you get started

I’m excited to announce our ‘Virtual Design Services’, crafted with your space challenges in mind, a ton of research and endless hours of work behind the scenes … so you can enjoy living in a great space regardless of where you are!

I was taken aback with the response with so many people wanting to know more about this service, so I’ve decided to do a blog post.

If you’ve dreamed of a serene space that feels good with your eyes closed, a sense of flowing energy and a balance of textures that exudes calmness and serenity… you’re in the right place to make it a reality. I’m sensitive to energies of spaces & people, balance makes me feel calmer…yoga and meditation is how I de-stress, simply put I’m somewhat of an Empath and one of my strengths is to step into my clients’ shoes to see the space from their perspective.

Although I love the personal interaction with the clients, and being in the space helps me embrace the architecture, Virtual Design Services is a little distant service however with very similar results. The only difference is the distribution of responsibilities.

Before you purchase the H5 Virtual Design Services make sure you understand what you’re getting into.


The process simplified & easy as I’ve done this many times over. The first step to any successful design project is to have your ducks in a row.

You’re excited to get to your finished space… hold your thoughts… invest time in defining your your needs, style and budget.

  1. Identify your Style
  2. Define your Budget & Needs
  3. Timelines of when you want your space completed, a birthday, a wedding or any other life event.
  4. Do you need to hire a contractor or you’ll do all the work yourself.

To accomplish a timeless space we marry the function with aesthetics. Your challenges spark my creativity and drives me to the point of creating a space that addresses those obstacles.

Function of a space is the backbone of the design concept. You are my only source of information for the what’s not working in your space or its function. The onus is on you to provide all relevant information, just remember, anything you don’t mention I don’t know.


Design Research is a crucial and meticulous step in our Signature Design Process. Prior to working with us virtually you have to have some knowledge of what a design project entails. Not sure what this means, book a free 30 min. Discovery Call.

The directions are provided to take measurements, make sure you put as much info as possible for me to work with.

Take exact measurements of the space, ceiling heights, door openings, window sizes and their placement on the wall, the direction in which the door opens, location of power outlets, everything has to be measure.

Wow!!! there’s a lot of information we incorporate while developing a design concept.

We our simplified process & clear directions, all we ask for is to provide information as requested our questionnaire and supporting documents. You’ll get your comprehensive plan based on the service you pick with the instructions.

EXCITED to get started… so are we, book your free 30 min. Discovery Call now!

If virtual design is not for you and you want it all done, then check out H5 Luxury Full Services, and we’ll be happy to put it all together for YOU!


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