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5 Designer Home Staging Tips

Spring …the time for new beginnings, I’m feeling refreshed and renewed, how about you? If you’re feeling the same & want to sell your home for a fresh start, you’ll

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10 Canadian Made Furniture Options You’ll Love

Buying local is a win-win scenario as local spending creates more jobs and reinvests in your own community. When local businesses prosper, owners stay in the community and become vested in its future. Locally-owned businesses employ more people per sales unit and tend to keep more employees during downturns in the economy. Each individual and business are crucial mechanics of the economy and how it functions, simply put if one part collapses there is a domino effect and the economy is destabilized.

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Simple Steps to Creating an Inspiring Home Office

If you don’t already have a home office or if you and your spouse are both working from home then you need to assess your specific needs… what if one likes to listen to music and the other doesn’t? It’s up to you to decide whether the solution is headphones or different spaces, considering how well all the other elements jive.

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Cottage Style

The heat of summer is on and everyone is at their cottages! I guess we brave the cold all winter in exchange for these gorgeous summer days – relaxing outdoors,

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