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P H A S E  -  1

Every design project starts with one, this first phase and a very important step. To craft a tailor-made plan,  this is where we get to understand the client, their needs and financial investment expectations. During the consult the client gains clarity on what is required to create a space that they envision, whether their ideas are doable for their investment or space limitation or not. The client will receive a Consultation Summary which outlines all the areas to be addressed in the project.
$300 + HST


P H A S E  -  2

Using the information gathered in the consultation, we will dive into researching - taking into account all the known limitations and challenges of the site, the intended function of the space, the aesthetic preferences, and of course overall mood. In the Design phase, the client will be presented with a detailed concept that can then be implemented into reality! With all the details figured out in the design phase, the rest of the project is most likely to succeed.


P H A S E  -  3

Here is where the design concept comes to life. We will oversee the execution of the concept as a whole, while taking into account the nitty gritty details. We will handle time-sensitive decision making to ensure all moving parts work together seamlessly, because let's be honest, there are many. The client will see the progress of the space coming together without having to be involved in the stresses. And finally, once the project is completed and styled - the client has a well thought-out, and engaging space.

Regardless of the scope - all our full service projects begin with a consultation