Framing Art Like a Pro

How to: Frame Art Like a Pro Framing art is an art in itself. I enjoy enhancing the art through the framing treatment to make it more fabulous, and over the years I’ve framed a lot of art. One client buys art just so I can frame it for him! He’s already warned me that […]

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5th edition – Online Shop

5 things that led me to create the Online Shop – 5th edition Today, I’m super excited to launch my online shop, 5th edition – unique home accessories that you can buy from the comfort of your home at your convenience…and there’s something for every budget and style. A home is a reflection of homeowners, […]

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Kitchen is the Heart of a home

2018 Luxury Kitchen Trends That You’ll LOVE

If you love cooking and entertaining, like me…you’ll love the current trends. I’ve enjoyed creating kitchens for those avid chefs who are involved in every detail of the function of their kitchen and I add the ‘icing on the cake’ with my creative aesthetics. As a result, they enjoy their kitchen, cooking for family and […]

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Coffee table

5 Designer Tips for Styling Your Coffee Table

Using a variety of sizes and shapes of the object makes them stand out. A stack of rectangular books with a round plate will make it more interesting. Displaying only large items can look blah and bulky, combine items of varying scale and heights.

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